Permanent or semi permanent?

This is one of the most controversial topics lately with the onset of microblading popularity.  Is microblading new? No!  It has been around for many years.  It just wasn’t called microblading, it was quite simply known as a tattoo being done by hand method.  When being done for the intent of applying makeup, it became known as permanent makeup because it didn’t wash off.  Later the word “cosmetics” became used more to seem more upscale, thus “permanent cosmetics”.  Tattooing has used many tools through the years to put ink or pigment into the skin for purposes of tribal markings, personal flair and cosmetics/makeup.  Ink is put into the skin, under the epidermis right at the dermis.  Once it is there, it’s not going anywhere unless it’s removed.  This brings us to the question at hand.

Microblading hair stroke brows and machined hair stroke brows – are they permanent or semi permanent?  You will hear dozens of opinions on this.  Why so many varying opinions?  Ink/pigment is color, and all color fades with time.  But just because the color fades does not mean that the ink is gone.  Think about a brightly colored shirt that has faded to a light pink. Just because the bright color is gone, does that mean the shirt no longer exists? Nope, it’s still a shirt. The ink is still in the skin, thus being permanent.  Why then are some saying it’s semi permanent?  They are assuming that the ink is gone because the color has faded and appears to nearly be gone.  It hasn’t gone anywhere, it’s just gotten lighter. 

Should you ask for permanent or semi permanent eyebrows?  No, it doesn’t matter what the technician calls the technique.  You can expect hair stroke brows, done by either a microblade, a special makeup pen or machine to last anywhere from 9months to 3+ years.  Your technician will advise you on the types of skin that hold the color longer and do’s and don’ts to get the longest life from your procedure.

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Alopecia and permanent makeup

Alopecia is an auto immune disorder that causes your body’s immune system to attack your hair follicles.

This can be a few hairs or all of the hairs on one’s entire body.  Let’s discuss just a few varying types of alopecia.

Androgenic Alopecia is the most common form of alopecia is genetic.  We usually describe this as “male pattern baldness” or “female pattern baldness”.  This affects many individuals at some time in their life, sometimes starting in the teens and other times later in life.

Alopecia Areata is the next most common.  This is when one gets baldness in spots or patches or other areas.  These spots can range from as small as a pencil eraser or quarter to several inches.  This can remain just in areas or can become more extreme, changing over to one of the other types of alopecia.

Alopecia Totalis falls in line next.  Alopecia totalis affects the entire scalp.  The hair can fall out completely leaving the head bald and slick or it can fall out heavily leaving behind some “peach fuzz” type hairs.   Many who acquire this type will choose to wear wigs or other head coverings.  Others are completely comfortable sporting their new look, taking on the “bald is beautiful” mentality.

Alopecia Universalis although quite common in general, is the least common of the types we have discussed.  This form of alopecia at its most extreme form can affect the whole body, including eyebrows and eyelashes.  Many people who acquire this form of alopecia elect to use makeup every day to draw in their eyebrows and give the appearance of having both brows and lashes.  Those who can’t apply makeup for various reasons may turn to permanent makeup for a no mess, no fuss answer to having brows and eyeliner.

Permanent eyebrows and permanent eyeliner can make such a difference to someone who has lost their confidence due to loss of hair in these areas.  It can improve their feeling of self beauty and restore their self confidence.

Do you have alopecia or know someone who does?  Give yourself or them a gift of permanent makeup!  As with anything, do your research to find a qualified technician who is familiar with alopecia.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  If you’re in or around North Carolina, we highly recommend Darlene at  If you’re unable to locate someone in your area, consider travleing to NC or contact us to ask for a recommendation in your area.

Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner.  Does it hurt?  This is the number one question asked about permanent eyeliner.  The truth is, while it is somewhat uncomfortable for a few people, it is very tolerable.  We use a topical anesthetic to numb the area being worked on.  During the time it takes to get your eyelids numb, you will be laying back and relaxing to our soothing music.  When it’s time to begin the procedure, you will be so relaxed we’ll be done before you know it.

Permanent eyeliner (sometimes called tattooed eyeliner) is something every lady would love to have.  For men too!  We call this “guyliner”.  It’s so subtle no one ever knows he’s had it done, but it makes his eyes stand out and lashes look fuller!  Ladies love it because they don’t have to worry about a smudged, smeared black mess under their eyes.  It’s cry proof, sweat proof, swim, proof and shower proof!  It’s great for anyone with unsteady or shaky hands who struggle to put on eyeliner.   Those with a visual impairment will love knowing their eyeliner is on right when they have permanent eyeliner.

What are you waiting for?  Schedule your appointment for beautiful, permanent eyeliner today by calling 704-796-8221 and let Darlene with Carolina Permanent Cosmetics make your eyes gorgeous.  You’ll be glad you did!


Really thick permanent eyebrows microblading!

really thick permanent eyebrows microblading


Can you give me really thick permanent or microblading eyebrows?  This is a question I get asked a lot.

Today’s brows are thicker than those of the years gone by.  Many celebrities have them.   If you are fortunate enough to have a lot of natural eyebrow hair, then by all means embrace them!  Groom them, shape them and count yourself as blessed!

If you’re among the many who have over tweezed, over plucked, or have had health issues or bad genes and don’t have thick eyebrows, let’s talk.

Although thick brows are all the rage right now, they’re a trend.  A fad.  A style.  A craze.  Whatever you call it, it means what comes around will eventually go bye-bye.  Trends come and go.  You don’t want to have a thick, tattooed eyebrow on your face when the time comes and you decide you’ve had enough and want thinner brows.

When tattooing your brows on, (yes, microblading is also a tattoo) you want to keep your brows about medium thickness.  Not too thin (pencil line brows have never looked good on anyone) and not too thick.

A good brow artist should help you decide on a shape and size that is pleasing to your individual face.  She will steer you away from going to heavy and thick.    She will draw on your brows and discuss size and shape with you.  Don’t be afraid to speak up so they know what your concerns are.  If you don’t like the shape, ask her to redraw them again. After all, it is your face!

Once your new permanent makeup brows have healed, you can wear makeup on them.  If you want more dramatic, thicker eyebrows then use regular makeup on them for your special event, or even daily.  But you won’t be stuck with them when you don’t want them.

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Permanent eyebrows appointment

Permanent eyebrows appointment

Permanent eyebrows appointment doesn’t happen as fast as you can walk in to your local fast cut salon to get a hair cut!

“I want you to do my eyebrows tomorrow because I have a special event this weekend”. Um – No! That won’t be happening! This is a common request, but not one that can be accommodated.

Anything worth doing right, is worth waiting to have done.  All good things come to those who wait.  Patience dearie, patience.  You can not rush a good thing!  Your permanent eyebrows appointment should take 2-3 hours from start to finish.  It can’t be done in 30-60 minutes and it shouldn’t take half a day either.  If you’re going to someone who does great work, you need to expect to wait 2- 3 months or longer to get an appointment with them.
Your permanent eyebrows appointment should be scheduled at a time when you don’t have a special event coming up.  Although your eyebrows will look beautiful when you leave our office, you will soon be going through a healing process. This process involves some flaking and peeling so plan ahead. You will want your brows to be completely healed when that special event comes around!
Is it going to look so bad you’ll want to stay locked indoors? No, not at all.  In fact, most people won’t even notice the flaking at all – but you will!
Once your original procedure has been done, the majority of the flaking and peeling will have finished by the end of the second week. Each person heals differently so of course this can vary from one person to another. Your brows are not considered fully healed until the end of the fourth week.
Be sure to discuss with us any important events you may have scheduled before booking your permanent eyebrows appointment so we can determine the best time to do the procedure.

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If you are not local, I will tell you it’s worth traveling to get Darlene to do your permanent eyebrows.


Permanent makeup healing time

Permanent makeup healing time
Permanent makeup healing time

Permanent makeup healing time will vary from one person to another, but is quite mild for almost everyone.

While I do recommend that you take a full 24 hours off to rest after your procedure, it is not a necessity to do so for most people.  Some people do go right back to work the same day.  The area you’ve had done will be quite tender and sore when your numbing wears off.  Just like when you’ve had dental work done, you’re comfortable during the procedure but you may experience some mild discomfort and soreness for the next 24-48 hours.

Although your permanent makeup will be much darker immediately after the procedure than when completely healed, it will look quite normal to others who see you.  Other people looking at your face may not even notice you’ve had anything done.  We see our own faces in the mirror every day and get used to seeing things the exact same day after day, which is why when you turn and look in the mirror immediately following your procedure, you can be a bit shocked by the darkness of color.  Keep in mind this will fade in the days to come.  All of this will be explained in great detail at your consultation.

Upon completion of your procedure you may still be slightly numb. Once the numbing wears off, the tenderness will set in.  This is why most people choose to just go home and relax rather than heading back to the office.  Still some are insistent that they want to go in to work.  Is that ok?  Well, it depends.

If your work is in a clean office type atmosphere, you’re fine to go to work if you feel up to it.  If, however you work in a dusty or dirty environment, or work where you’ll sweat or get wet, the answer is no.

Dirty environments would include but not be limited to dust coming from animal dander or feces, construction, building, sawing, filing, shaving, pulping, crushing, etc. So if you work in a rock quarry or need to be in an industrial area where minuscule particles are floating around, keep away until you’re healed. If you get your nails and pedicures done be sure to get them done before your procedure. Nail dust is a big no no! You don’t want to even for one minute step inside anywhere nails are done until your area is fully healed externally.  This is two weeks minimum.  Full healing internally is 6-8 weeks.

During your healing weeks you will go through mild flaking stages.  It is important that you do not pick off the flakes.  At your appointment, I will instruct you how to deal with these flakes.  At their worst, however most other people seeing you will not notice anything at all.  Keep in mind that these flakes will show up in high resolution photos, so you will want to schedule your procedure when you have nothing going on.  Being photographed at your friends wedding with flaky eyebrows is probably not at the top of your list!

Permanent makeup healing time in short is 1-2 days for soreness to become milder, 2 weeks of keeping the area dry and before being exposed to dusty, dirty environments, 2-3 weeks of flaking, and 6-8 weeks before healed all the way inside and out.  If this was your first procedure, then 6-8 weeks you will get a touch up and repeat the healing process all over again.

If you are looking for a highly skilled, artistic artist to do your permanent makeup in the North Carolina area, visit If you aren’t in the North Carolina area, it should be noted that it’s well worth traveling for to get yours done the right way. Not everyone can travel and if you can’t, please visit our list of highly skilled permanent makeup professionals in other states. Only the best of the best will be included in this list.

Permanent Cosmetics Cost

Permanent cosmetics cost.


Permanent cosmetics cost

The photo here showing watermarks of the artist are beautiful examples of permanent eyebrows done correctly by a well trained, qualified artist.


Permanent cosmetics cost how much?  “You’re too expensive, I’m going to find someone cheaper”.
This is a something I and many of my good permanent cosmetics colleagues have heard quite a few times. You’re not shopping for someone to mow your grass!  If the yard man doesn’t do it like you want, you fire him, the grass grows back and you start again.  This is permanent and it’s on your face!  With a bad hair cut, you can grow it out and try again.  You can’t wait a few weeks and start all over once you’ve had permanent makeup .  The pigment has been implanted under the epidermis into the dermal layer of the skin and it’s not going anywhere!    Removal procedures can be done but are lengthy and expensive.
“Then I’ll go with microblading, cause it’s not permanent makeup”.
Wrong!  Microblading most certainly is permanent makeup! It is just one of many types of tattooed eyebrows also known as permanent makeup/permanent cosmetics.  The most common use for microblading is  hair stroke eyebrows. Hair stroke eyebrows will usually fade quicker than a solid brow any day.  That’s because there is less pigment in the hair strokes to begin with.   A cup of water will evaporate quicker than a gallon of water. A gallon of water will evaporate quicker than a 5 gallon bucket of water. Get the idea?

Let’s talk some more about that cheaper price.  I’ve done permanent cosmetics for years.  I will tell you that if it’s done correctly, it can not be done cheaply.  It just can’t.  The cost of the products, needles, tray set up, and equipment alone is going to cost an artist a good chunk – but then on top of all that, she has to purchase equipment, insurance, certifications, licensing and a large array of other expensive materials. When you see those cheap prices, you’re getting what you pay for. You’re getting C H E A P ! Cheap, watered down pigments or possibly even worse –  watered down ink (that’s a whole other article), cheap, fragmented needles with burrs, un sterile work conditions, a cheaply trained and/or quickly trained tech just to name a few of the possible corners they’ve cut to give you that cheap price.  Permanent cosmetics cost is not cheap and if you go cheap you’re going to get cheap results!

There are some trainers who just learned the process themselves.  Talk about the blind leading the blind!  Someone who just learned herself hasn’t had time to experience the good AND the bad of this profession.  It takes more than just a basic class.  It takes many classes on color theory, products, equipment, positioning, depth – I could go on and on.  On top of all of this, it takes experience to become a good permanent cosmetic artist.  This is what’s happening, this is why so many people’s faces are being ruined with permanent makeup.  These newly and poorly trained techs, produce horrible work so they use generic stock photos or stolen photos and claim the work as their own.  It deceives the potential client into thinking it’s their work and then they can’t duplicate the look.  Instead, the client ends up with one of the horrid looks as seen below.

Permanent makeup is a wonderful thing to treat yourself to, but only when it’s done right by a qualified artist.  It’s important that you make sure you choose your artist carefully.  View photos of his/her work, and make sure they are watermarked with their name or logo.  Look for signs that a watermark may have been removed (blurring or odd colors that don’t seem to be aligned perfectly).  Look for consistency in sizing, poses and layouts of the photos.  Most artists find a presentation style they prefer and will showcase the majority of their photos the same way.  If you’re seeing a really small photo, that could be a sign that it’s a stolen photo.  Also make sure the artist shows photos large enough to see the detail.  A photo taken from a distance is no good to see the quality of his/her workmanship.

If you are looking for a highly skilled, artistic artist to do your permanent makeup in the North Carolina area, visit If you aren’t in the North Carolina area, it should be noted that it’s well worth traveling for to get yours done the right way.  Not everyone can travel and if you can’t, please visit our list of highly skilled permanent makeup professionals in other states.  Only the best of the best will be included in this list.

In the first row of photos below you can see just what beautiful eyebrows done the right way by a well trained, qualified artist should look like.  Further below you will see what cheap prices can get you!   Bad color choices due to poorly trained techs who didn’t have a clue about color theory and how it relates to the human body and different skin types, age, race and nationality. Attempts to make hair strokes that look like rail road tracks or picket fences.  Completely different shapes between left and right brows.    This is just a few of many gone bad.  Choose wisely!

Please note the following photos are not my work

nor the work of any well trained, highly qualified artists! 

3770_457019647833073_3721553121160665603_n      67572_10200454907228795_1100991008_n

Please note the following photos are not my work

nor the work of any well trained, highly qualified artists! 

319481_3888619247522_218752114_n     382501_3888617607481_1577083548_n

Please note the following photos are not my work

nor the work of any well trained, highly qualified artists! 

383224_297434583634061_1036145623_n         524095_3888623447627_1241518317_n

Please note the following photos are not my work

nor the work of any well trained, highly qualified artists! 

527998_3888903774635_2072478983_n         11167660_369731696563687_501520309129146436_n

Please note the following photos are not my work

nor the work of any well trained, highly qualified artists! 

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Avoid the above looks by choosing the right technician and not choosing your tech based on price!!!!  Remember, permanent cosmetics cost is not cheap!

If you are looking for a highly skilled, artistic artist to do your permanent makeup in the North Carolina area, visit If you aren’t in the North Carolina area, it should be noted that it’s well worth traveling for to get yours done the right way.  Not everyone can travel and if you can’t, please visit our list of highly skilled permanent makeup professionals in other states.  Only the best of the best will be included in this list.

Eyebrow hair loss?

Eyebrow hair loss.

Eyebrow hair loss

This client has alopecia which resulted in her no longer growing her own eyebrow hair. 

Natural looking hair stroke eyebrows will give her more confidence and make her life a whole lot easier!   


Eyebrow hair loss can be quite devastating for a woman who cares about her appearance. Why do women (and men) lose eyebrow hair?  Sometimes age is a factor  for eyebrow hair loss, but not always.  Family genetics, poor nutrition, hormone imbalance, stress, auto immune disorders, allergies, thyroid problems, alopecia, atopic dermatitis, chemotherapy and reactions to medications are common factors in eyebrow hair loss.  Only a physician can diagnose what has caused your eyebrows to fall out and not come back.

The good news is even though the eyebrows are partially or totally gone, they can be tattooed on to look very real!  Did we say tattoo??  Is this the same as a body tattoo?  This question has a yes and no answer.  Yes,  because pigment – not ink is implanted in the dermal layer of the skin under the epidermis and it remains there permanently.   No, because ink that is used in a body tattoo is not used for permanent makeup.  Ink tends to migrate under the skin, and migration does not look pretty on someones face!  After many years of trial and error by many permanent makeup professionals in the permanent makeup industry,  it was deemed that ink should not be used on the face.   Fortunately for our faces today, this paved the way to better pigments.  Leading companies along with doctors and scientists began improving and  developing high quality pigments for use on the face.  Today’s products are top notch and are absolutely beautiful when used correctly by a highly trained artist.

How can permanent makeup help my eyebrows?  A highly skilled, proficiently trained and artistic technician can mimic the look of natural eyebrow hairs.  Your closest friends won’t even know they’re not real hair unless you tell them!  Sometimes husbands don’t know their wives have tattooed their eyebrows!  But this is ONLY when done by a highly qualified technician!  Don’t trust your face to just anyone!

Your technician will use her equipment and pigments and create new eyebrows for you.   She may use an electronic machine or she may do them by microblading or even other tools.  The type of skin you have, your age, your health, medications you’re on will all be determining factors in which technique is best to achieve the desired result for your new eyebrows.  Never go into this thinking you want to tell your technician what equipment to use.  Would you tell your surgeon what tools to use when he fixes your condition?  Of course not!  Your technician will discuss shape and color with you, then draw them on for you to see and approve.  From there, lay back, relax and leave it to your technician!

If you’re looking for an amazing technician in North Carolina, you’ll want to check out  If you’re not local, it is worth the trip to North Carolina for the most realistic looking eyebrows!   If you can’t travel to NC, then check out our referrals for technicians in other states.  Only the best of the best will be on this list.


Permanent makeup – what is it?

permanent makeup

What is this permanent makeup I keep hearing about? Or is it permanent cosmetics?  Or is it eyebrow tattooing?  Or eyebrow microblading?  Or eyeliner tattooing?   Is any of it the same as a regular tattoo?  Well, that’s what I’m going to talk to you about!

Permanent makeup, also known as permanent cosmetics or cosmetic tattooing, is a process of implanting pigment, not ink into the dermis layer of the skin. It is a medically developed procedure to create a long lasting cosmetic effect. This is a cosmetic procedure that can add subtle enhancements or dramatic definition to your eyes with permanent eyeliner, permanent eyebrows, or permanent lip color.

Women want to enhance their beauty by wearing makeup, but they spend a lot of time in front of a mirror applying it!  With permanent makeup / permanent cosmetics / tattooed makeup they can spend less time making up their face and more time doing the things they love!  While some women simply need more free time, others struggle to apply or perhaps can not apply makeup at all.  Poor vision, shaky hands and arm pain are just a few of the reasons someone may have problems applying their makeup.  Permanent makeup will simplify their lives by making the morning routine much easier!

Women who have lost their eyebrow hair either completely or partially love permanent makeup.  Natural looking hair strokes can be applied either with a machine or by microblading or any of several other available implements.

Athletes and women who sweat a lot are among those who also choose permanent makeup.  Permanent eyeliner doesn’t smear and smudge and it doesn’t run when you cry or disappear after a swim.  You wake up with it on and it’s not all over your pillow case.   The permanent eyeliner can be done from a thin lash enhancement to a medium or thicker liner.  The choice is yours!  The thicker you go with it, the more visits it may take to get your desired thickness.

Lips?  Yes, even lips can get their own tattoo!  You can request just an outline to define the shape of the lips or a full lip color.  Some lips don’t have much color to begin with, while others have a beautiful blush mother nature was so kind to grant.  As one ages however, the coloring in the lips slowly fades away and we all know how troublesome keeping lipstick on all day can be!  Voila!  Enter the  permanent lip color!  Once healed, you just add a little clear gloss and lipstick is no longer necessary!  You can however wear lipstick over your tattooed lips if you like to change your colors up.  The nice thing is that you actually look like you have lips if someone catches you without your lipstick!

There are many different names for permanent makeup.  You’ll hear permanent cosmetics, face tattooing, microblading, hair strokes, brush strokes, embroidery, 3-D brows and an array of other names.  Don’t think for a minute that one name is better than another.  It’s not about the name, it’s about the skill of the artist doing your procedure!  No matter what name it’s given, the end result of having what you want on your face is all that matters!

If you’re looking for a truly great technician to do your permanent makeup be sure to check out this website:   It’s worth the time and expense to travel to NC  if you’re not local to this location.  If you can’t travel to NC, check out our referrals for technicians in other states.  Only the best of the best are included in this list.



What is microblading?

What is microblading?
What is microblading?

What is Microblading?  It is a term used in permanent cosmetics to describe the method of tattooing the look of hair strokes. It is a type of tattooed eyebrows.  In microblading, the technician uses a manual handle rather than an electronic machine to hold the needles that he/she will use to tattoo on eyebrows.  Microblading is only one of many techniques used to tattoo hair strokes to look like eyebrows.


A microbladed eyebrow quite simply means the permanent makeup eyebrow tattoo was done with a specific tool, called a microblade – thus the name microblading. It is a tool that holds many types of needles for different types of results, quite often that being the look of hair strokes. No one size needle is right for every type of skin. Think about writing your name on a sheet of paper with a fine point pen vs a crayon. Each will give you a different look. You could use the crayon to sign your name on an important document, but it wouldn’t be the best choice. If you were coloring in a large circle, the fine point pen would work, but wouldn’t be the best choice.


I recently saw a video where a young woman had recently had her brows microbladed and made a comment that microblading was always done with a 7 pin needle.  This is not a fact!   While hers may very well have been done with a 7 pin, not all microbladed brows are done with a 7 pin, and in fact not all needles are pin needles!  There are many sizes, shapes, lengths and thickness of needles used in microblading and all permanent cosmetics. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your permanent makeup technician must use a specific needle or tool.   Would you tell your surgeon which scalpel to use when he opens your skin up?   What you do want is to be sure to get the most beautiful, pleasing shape for your new eyebrows!


A microblade can not be used on every type of skin, so not everyone is a perfect candidate for microblading. In permanent makeup, there are many instruments to work with and all will achieve beautiful, natural looking hair stroke eyebrows in the hands of a true artistic permanent makeup technician!  Just like a surgeon uses more than just a scalpel, I use more than just a microblade. I have an abundance of  different types of equipment and instruments.   I carefully analyze the situation before deciding just which tool will yield the most beautiful eyebrows for my client! I will only do natural looking eyebrows. I will not do bold, stark, solid type eyebrows.
Are microbladed eyebrows “permanent”?  Pigment is implanted into the dermal layer of the skin and remains there, permanently.  Yes, microbladed brows are permanent, but they do fade quicker than a solid brow simply because there is not as much color implanted with something that isn’t solid.   Since they do fade with time, you may choose to return to your technician at some point to get a touch up through the years.  You may have seen the term “semi-permanent” used. This is most often the term required by the governing agencies in other countries since it does fade over time.  Although it fades, it never goes away completely.  This is why it is more commonly referred to as “permanent”.
It is important that you choose your technician with care! Only someone who is a true artist can do great eyebrows. All the training in the world will not do any good if the technician does not have the natural ability to draw a beautiful brow! Do not select a technician based simply on the price! Providing the best permanent makeup not only requires a skilled, artistic technician with years of expertise – but it requires top quality products, equipment, continual training to stay on top of the ever changing industry, licensing, insurance and intent to provide a clean, sterile environment. None of this happens without expenses! NICE WORK IS NOT CHEAP AND CHEAP WORK IS NOT NICE! My services are not cheap, but you do get what you pay for! Save your money if you have to and go with the best! It’s most definitely worth it!


For more information about replacing your lost eyebrows and other permanent makeup services please visit


If you are not local, I will tell you it’s worth traveling to get Darlene to do your permanent eyebrows.  If however you can not travel to North Carolina, please see our list of recommendations of qualified technicians in other states.  Only the best of the best will be listed here.