The eyes are the window to the soul, and the eyebrows are the frames of the eyes.  Without eyebrows, our face appears expressionless. Our eyebrows show our emotions and make our face look complete.   It is not uncommon for eyebrow growth to slow down or stop growing completely as we enter into our mid 30’s and older.  Although less common, this can happen to younger women too.  Sometimes sickness or accidents cause a full or partial loss of eyebrow hair.  For what ever reason, our once beautiful brows have gone away, never to return.

Now you can have them tattooed on!  Darlene is an award winning artist and will give you beautiful, natural looking, very real looking eyebrows. Gone are the days where you have to pencil in your brows, never getting them the same way twice.  You will love your new realistic looking eyebrows!

Hair stroke brows are Darlene’s specialty. Tattooed hair strokes are being renamed almost daily. No matter what name someone gives them, the fact is you want them to look like real hairs and to look natural! You just won’t find a better artist to do this job for you, and do it right! Use the contact form on this website to schedule your appointment. You may have to wait to get in, but it’s worth the wait! Don’t be in such a hurry that you settle for the place that can get you in the quickest, or the place that does it cheapest. This is your face! Nice work is not cheap, and cheap work is not nice!

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