Permanent Lip Makeup

As we age, color quite often fades away and without lipstick, it appears we have no lips. Many times a day we need to reapply just so we have a completed look with our makeup! Forget the lipstick when you tattoo on your lip color! You can choose to outline the lips only, or go all the way for full lip color. Wake up with lips! Get out of the pool with lips! What ever you do, you’ll be at ease knowing your smile is showcased by your beautiful lips!

Scarring on lips from surgeries, accidents, cleft lip or palate are a few other reasons to consider this procedure. We can create a beautiful lip helping to camoflauge the scarring and giving you a more normal looking lip.

If you have ever had cold sores or fever blisters, you will be required to obtain a Rx from your physician for an anti viral medication which you will begin days before your procedure.

Lips often take 2 to 3 appointments to get the color in. This is to be expected since the lips are both sensitive and fragile and can not be over worked.

Permanent Makeup & Tattoo Removal