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Permanent or semi permanent?

This is one of the most controversial topics lately with the onset of microblading popularity.  Is microblading new? No!  It has been around for many years.  It just wasn’t called microblading, it was quite simply known as a tattoo being done by hand method.  When being done for the intent of applying makeup, it became known as permanent makeup because it didn’t wash off.  Later the word “cosmetics” became used more to seem more upscale, thus “permanent cosmetics”.  Tattooing has used many tools through the years to put ink or pigment into the skin for purposes of tribal markings, personal flair and cosmetics/makeup.  Ink is put into the skin, under the epidermis right at the dermis.  Once it is there, it’s not going anywhere unless it’s removed.  This brings us to the question at hand.

Microblading hair stroke brows and machined hair stroke brows – are they permanent or semi permanent?  You will hear dozens of opinions on this.  Why so many varying opinions?  Ink/pigment is color, and all color fades with time.  But just because the color fades does not mean that the ink is gone.  Think about a brightly colored shirt that has faded to a light pink. Just because the bright color is gone, does that mean the shirt no longer exists? Nope, it’s still a shirt. The ink is still in the skin, thus being permanent.  Why then are some saying it’s semi permanent?  They are assuming that the ink is gone because the color has faded and appears to nearly be gone.  It hasn’t gone anywhere, it’s just gotten lighter. 

Should you ask for permanent or semi permanent eyebrows?  No, it doesn’t matter what the technician calls the technique.  You can expect hair stroke brows, done by either a microblade, a special makeup pen or machine to last anywhere from 9months to 3+ years.  Your technician will advise you on the types of skin that hold the color longer and do’s and don’ts to get the longest life from your procedure.

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