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Permanent eyebrows appointment

Permanent eyebrows appointment

Permanent eyebrows appointment doesn’t happen as fast as you can walk in to your local fast cut salon to get a hair cut!

“I want you to do my eyebrows tomorrow because I have a special event this weekend”. Um – No! That won’t be happening! This is a common request, but not one that can be accommodated.

Anything worth doing right, is worth waiting to have done.  All good things come to those who wait.  Patience dearie, patience.  You can not rush a good thing!  Your permanent eyebrows appointment should take 2-3 hours from start to finish.  It can’t be done in 30-60 minutes and it shouldn’t take half a day either.  If you’re going to someone who does great work, you need to expect to wait 2- 3 months or longer to get an appointment with them.
Your permanent eyebrows appointment should be scheduled at a time when you don’t have a special event coming up.  Although your eyebrows will look beautiful when you leave our office, you will soon be going through a healing process. This process involves some flaking and peeling so plan ahead. You will want your brows to be completely healed when that special event comes around!
Is it going to look so bad you’ll want to stay locked indoors? No, not at all.  In fact, most people won’t even notice the flaking at all – but you will!
Once your original procedure has been done, the majority of the flaking and peeling will have finished by the end of the second week. Each person heals differently so of course this can vary from one person to another. Your brows are not considered fully healed until the end of the fourth week.
Be sure to discuss with us any important events you may have scheduled before booking your permanent eyebrows appointment so we can determine the best time to do the procedure.

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If you are not local, I will tell you it’s worth traveling to get Darlene to do your permanent eyebrows.