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Permanent makeup healing time

Permanent makeup healing time

Permanent makeup healing time

Permanent makeup healing time will vary from one person to another, but is quite mild for almost everyone.

While I do recommend that you take a full 24 hours off to rest after your procedure, it is not a necessity to do so for most people.  Some people do go right back to work the same day.  The area you’ve had done will be quite tender and sore when your numbing wears off.  Just like when you’ve had dental work done, you’re comfortable during the procedure but you may experience some mild discomfort and soreness for the next 24-48 hours.

Although your permanent makeup will be much darker immediately after the procedure than when completely healed, it will look quite normal to others who see you.  Other people looking at your face may not even notice you’ve had anything done.  We see our own faces in the mirror every day and get used to seeing things the exact same day after day, which is why when you turn and look in the mirror immediately following your procedure, you can be a bit shocked by the darkness of color.  Keep in mind this will fade in the days to come.  All of this will be explained in great detail at your consultation.

Upon completion of your procedure you may still be slightly numb. Once the numbing wears off, the tenderness will set in.  This is why most people choose to just go home and relax rather than heading back to the office.  Still some are insistent that they want to go in to work.  Is that ok?  Well, it depends.

If your work is in a clean office type atmosphere, you’re fine to go to work if you feel up to it.  If, however you work in a dusty or dirty environment, or work where you’ll sweat or get wet, the answer is no.

Dirty environments would include but not be limited to dust coming from animal dander or feces, construction, building, sawing, filing, shaving, pulping, crushing, etc. So if you work in a rock quarry or need to be in an industrial area where minuscule particles are floating around, keep away until you’re healed. If you get your nails and pedicures done be sure to get them done before your procedure. Nail dust is a big no no! You don’t want to even for one minute step inside anywhere nails are done until your area is fully healed externally.  This is two weeks minimum.  Full healing internally is 6-8 weeks.

During your healing weeks you will go through mild flaking stages.  It is important that you do not pick off the flakes.  At your appointment, I will instruct you how to deal with these flakes.  At their worst, however most other people seeing you will not notice anything at all.  Keep in mind that these flakes will show up in high resolution photos, so you will want to schedule your procedure when you have nothing going on.  Being photographed at your friends wedding with flaky eyebrows is probably not at the top of your list!

Permanent makeup healing time in short is 1-2 days for soreness to become milder, 2 weeks of keeping the area dry and before being exposed to dusty, dirty environments, 2-3 weeks of flaking, and 6-8 weeks before healed all the way inside and out.  If this was your first procedure, then 6-8 weeks you will get a touch up and repeat the healing process all over again.

If you are looking for a highly skilled, artistic artist to do your permanent makeup in the North Carolina area, visit If you aren’t in the North Carolina area, it should be noted that it’s well worth traveling for to get yours done the right way. Not everyone can travel and if you can’t, please visit our list of highly skilled permanent makeup professionals in other states. Only the best of the best will be included in this list.