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Permanent Cosmetics Cost

Permanent cosmetics cost.



The photo here showing watermarks of the artist are beautiful examples of permanent eyebrows done correctly by a well trained, qualified artist.


Permanent cosmetics cost how much?  “You’re too expensive, I’m going to find someone cheaper”.
This is a something I and many of my good permanent cosmetics colleagues have heard quite a few times. You’re not shopping for someone to mow your grass!  If the yard man doesn’t do it like you want, you fire him, the grass grows back and you start again.  This is permanent and it’s on your face!  With a bad hair cut, you can grow it out and try again.  You can’t wait a few weeks and start all over once you’ve had permanent makeup .  The pigment has been implanted under the epidermis into the dermal layer of the skin and it’s not going anywhere!    Removal procedures can be done but are lengthy and expensive.
“Then I’ll go with microblading, cause it’s not permanent makeup”.
Wrong!  Microblading most certainly is permanent makeup! It is just one of many types of tattooed eyebrows also known as permanent makeup/permanent cosmetics.  The most common use for microblading is  hair stroke eyebrows. Hair stroke eyebrows will usually fade quicker than a solid brow any day.  That’s because there is less pigment in the hair strokes to begin with.   A cup of water will evaporate quicker than a gallon of water. A gallon of water will evaporate quicker than a 5 gallon bucket of water. Get the idea?

Let’s talk some more about that cheaper price.  I’ve done permanent cosmetics for years.  I will tell you that if it’s done correctly, it can not be done cheaply.  It just can’t.  The cost of the products, needles, tray set up, and equipment alone is going to cost an artist a good chunk – but then on top of all that, she has to purchase equipment, insurance, certifications, licensing and a large array of other expensive materials. When you see those cheap prices, you’re getting what you pay for. You’re getting C H E A P ! Cheap, watered down pigments or possibly even worse –  watered down ink (that’s a whole other article), cheap, fragmented needles with burrs, un sterile work conditions, a cheaply trained and/or quickly trained tech just to name a few of the possible corners they’ve cut to give you that cheap price.  Permanent cosmetics cost is not cheap and if you go cheap you’re going to get cheap results!

There are some trainers who just learned the process themselves.  Talk about the blind leading the blind!  Someone who just learned herself hasn’t had time to experience the good AND the bad of this profession.  It takes more than just a basic class.  It takes many classes on color theory, products, equipment, positioning, depth – I could go on and on.  On top of all of this, it takes experience to become a good permanent cosmetic artist.  This is what’s happening, this is why so many people’s faces are being ruined with permanent makeup.  These newly and poorly trained techs, produce horrible work so they use generic stock photos or stolen photos and claim the work as their own.  It deceives the potential client into thinking it’s their work and then they can’t duplicate the look.  Instead, the client ends up with one of the horrid looks as seen below.

Permanent makeup is a wonderful thing to treat yourself to, but only when it’s done right by a qualified artist.  It’s important that you make sure you choose your artist carefully.  View photos of his/her work, and make sure they are watermarked with their name or logo.  Look for signs that a watermark may have been removed (blurring or odd colors that don’t seem to be aligned perfectly).  Look for consistency in sizing, poses and layouts of the photos.  Most artists find a presentation style they prefer and will showcase the majority of their photos the same way.  If you’re seeing a really small photo, that could be a sign that it’s a stolen photo.  Also make sure the artist shows photos large enough to see the detail.  A photo taken from a distance is no good to see the quality of his/her workmanship.

If you are looking for a highly skilled, artistic artist to do your permanent makeup in the North Carolina area, visit If you aren’t in the North Carolina area, it should be noted that it’s well worth traveling for to get yours done the right way.  Not everyone can travel and if you can’t, please visit our list of highly skilled permanent makeup professionals in other states.  Only the best of the best will be included in this list.