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Eyebrow hair loss?

Eyebrow hair loss.

Eyebrow hair loss

This client has alopecia which resulted in her no longer growing her own eyebrow hair. 

Natural looking hair stroke eyebrows will give her more confidence and make her life a whole lot easier!   


Eyebrow hair loss can be quite devastating for a woman who cares about her appearance. Why do women (and men) lose eyebrow hair?  Sometimes age is a factor  for eyebrow hair loss, but not always.  Family genetics, poor nutrition, hormone imbalance, stress, auto immune disorders, allergies, thyroid problems, alopecia, atopic dermatitis, chemotherapy and reactions to medications are common factors in eyebrow hair loss.  Only a physician can diagnose what has caused your eyebrows to fall out and not come back.

The good news is even though the eyebrows are partially or totally gone, they can be tattooed on to look very real!  Did we say tattoo??  Is this the same as a body tattoo?  This question has a yes and no answer.  Yes,  because pigment – not ink is implanted in the dermal layer of the skin under the epidermis and it remains there permanently.   No, because ink that is used in a body tattoo is not used for permanent makeup.  Ink tends to migrate under the skin, and migration does not look pretty on someones face!  After many years of trial and error by many permanent makeup professionals in the permanent makeup industry,  it was deemed that ink should not be used on the face.   Fortunately for our faces today, this paved the way to better pigments.  Leading companies along with doctors and scientists began improving and  developing high quality pigments for use on the face.  Today’s products are top notch and are absolutely beautiful when used correctly by a highly trained artist.

How can permanent makeup help my eyebrows?  A highly skilled, proficiently trained and artistic technician can mimic the look of natural eyebrow hairs.  Your closest friends won’t even know they’re not real hair unless you tell them!  Sometimes husbands don’t know their wives have tattooed their eyebrows!  But this is ONLY when done by a highly qualified technician!  Don’t trust your face to just anyone!

Your technician will use her equipment and pigments and create new eyebrows for you.   She may use an electronic machine or she may do them by microblading or even other tools.  The type of skin you have, your age, your health, medications you’re on will all be determining factors in which technique is best to achieve the desired result for your new eyebrows.  Never go into this thinking you want to tell your technician what equipment to use.  Would you tell your surgeon what tools to use when he fixes your condition?  Of course not!  Your technician will discuss shape and color with you, then draw them on for you to see and approve.  From there, lay back, relax and leave it to your technician!

If you’re looking for an amazing technician in North Carolina, you’ll want to check out  If you’re not local, it is worth the trip to North Carolina for the most realistic looking eyebrows!   If you can’t travel to NC, then check out our referrals for technicians in other states.  Only the best of the best will be on this list.