Corrections and Removals

Permanent Makeup & Tattoo Removal

If you have tattoo regret, we can help! If you have old, outdated, awful looking or poorly done permanent makeup or bad microblading- there is a solution, and it’s affordable! Sometimes lightening or removal is required before you can get beautiful, new hair stroke or powdered/shaded eyebrows. Or perhaps you tattooed your ex lovers name for the world to see and you want it gone. Whatever the reason, let us help!

Laser removal is an option, but can be quite expensive, in the thousands of dollars! Non laser lightening/removal is a very affordable option. Corrections and removals will take time.

Much in the same way you got your old tattoo, the skin is opened up and a lightening product is applied. This product mixes with the ink or pigment and pushes it upward to the surface of the skin and forms a scab. The scab continues to pull out more of the ink or pigment before it finally falls off.

Depending on the desired amount of lightening or fading this can take 1-3 sessions, or even more. A consultation either in person or by phone is required to see if you are a candidate for this lightening/removal procedure.

It is important to understand that you must be willing to follow all after care instructions when having corrections and removals. This includes keeping the area dry and clean and no picking. Often the skin may look pink for several months or a year. It takes time to heal, but once healed you realize it was so worth it!

Pricing for corrections and removals varies depending on size of area to be worked. Sometimes it can be as affordable as a couple of good meals out with your sweetie! We can usually give you a rough estimate with pictures sent via email or phone. For size comparison on body art , place a quarter on your skin next to the tattoo you’re wanting an estimate on before taking pics. A more detailed accurate estimate will be given at your consultation. We do a lot of corrections and removals, we can help you too!

It’s best to make the right choice of experienced artist to begin with. But if you don’t, let us help you!