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What is microblading?

What is microblading?

What is microblading?

What is Microblading?  It is a term used in permanent cosmetics to describe the method of tattooing the look of hair strokes. It is a type of tattooed eyebrows.  In microblading, the technician uses a manual handle rather than an electronic machine to hold the needles that he/she will use to tattoo on eyebrows.  Microblading is only one of many techniques used to tattoo hair strokes to look like eyebrows.


A microbladed eyebrow quite simply means the permanent makeup eyebrow tattoo was done with a specific tool, called a microblade – thus the name microblading. It is a tool that holds many types of needles for different types of results, quite often that being the look of hair strokes. No one size needle is right for every type of skin. Think about writing your name on a sheet of paper with a fine point pen vs a crayon. Each will give you a different look. You could use the crayon to sign your name on an important document, but it wouldn’t be the best choice. If you were coloring in a large circle, the fine point pen would work, but wouldn’t be the best choice.


I recently saw a video where a young woman had recently had her brows microbladed and made a comment that microblading was always done with a 7 pin needle.  This is not a fact!   While hers may very well have been done with a 7 pin, not all microbladed brows are done with a 7 pin, and in fact not all needles are pin needles!  There are many sizes, shapes, lengths and thickness of needles used in microblading and all permanent cosmetics. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your permanent makeup technician must use a specific needle or tool.   Would you tell your surgeon which scalpel to use when he opens your skin up?   What you do want is to be sure to get the most beautiful, pleasing shape for your new eyebrows!


A microblade can not be used on every type of skin, so not everyone is a perfect candidate for microblading. In permanent makeup, there are many instruments to work with and all will achieve beautiful, natural looking hair stroke eyebrows in the hands of a true artistic permanent makeup technician!  Just like a surgeon uses more than just a scalpel, I use more than just a microblade. I have an abundance of  different types of equipment and instruments.   I carefully analyze the situation before deciding just which tool will yield the most beautiful eyebrows for my client! I will only do natural looking eyebrows. I will not do bold, stark, solid type eyebrows.
Are microbladed eyebrows “permanent”?  Pigment is implanted into the dermal layer of the skin and remains there, permanently.  Yes, microbladed brows are permanent, but they do fade quicker than a solid brow simply because there is not as much color implanted with something that isn’t solid.   Since they do fade with time, you may choose to return to your technician at some point to get a touch up through the years.  You may have seen the term “semi-permanent” used. This is most often the term required by the governing agencies in other countries since it does fade over time.  Although it fades, it never goes away completely.  This is why it is more commonly referred to as “permanent”.
It is important that you choose your technician with care! Only someone who is a true artist can do great eyebrows. All the training in the world will not do any good if the technician does not have the natural ability to draw a beautiful brow! Do not select a technician based simply on the price! Providing the best permanent makeup not only requires a skilled, artistic technician with years of expertise – but it requires top quality products, equipment, continual training to stay on top of the ever changing industry, licensing, insurance and intent to provide a clean, sterile environment. None of this happens without expenses! NICE WORK IS NOT CHEAP AND CHEAP WORK IS NOT NICE! My services are not cheap, but you do get what you pay for! Save your money if you have to and go with the best! It’s most definitely worth it!


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